Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Learning Reflection


Manaiakalani Education Trust has helped us to get Netbooks that we can use instead of books, we still use books for our Maths, sometimes we use books for writing.
Having a netbook connected to the internet, has helped me improved  my learning in many ways.
First of all, I have learnt how to write a recount on a template to improve my organisation in writing. Also, I have learnt how to research for information to help me in my inquiry projects and presentations. I have used my netbook on Math Whizz and for reading. I have improved in my key competencies by thinking and managing my self. I have really enjoyed using netbook at Glenbrae School.


Not having a netbook is devastating because we have to go back to the old fashioned way of learning, pen and paper. Pen and paper is alright but having a netbook is better,because it helps to improve your writing and learning.

Interesting stuff
  • You can take home
  • easy to carry
  • easy to charge

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Haiku Poem

2 December 2014

WALT: identify syllables
SC:  Write a haiku poem about softball

First We practiced by finding out how many syllables were  in our names
My name has three in it.

1.Give Information
Getting Ready for Batting
Quickly hitting fast

2.People Running fast
How they hit so far and hard
Running like a car

3.Whacking the  softball
Running to base after base
Making a record

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anthony_Mmm That's Tasty

Mmm, That’s Tasty! by Neville Gardner
School Journal June 2012

WALT: Begin to use a range of scientific symbols, conventions, and vocabulary.
SC:      Complete a small science report on the taste + smell experiement

HOME ACTIVITY: Talk to whanau about flavour. What flavours do they like best? Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and Umami (savoury).
What are their favourite salty, sour, bitter, sweet or savoury foods?

  1. There are 5 main flavour receptors. Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour and Umami.
List some foods fit each of the flavour receptors.  SHARE

  • Coffee,
  • bear,
  • chips,
  • potato chips,
  • lemon,
  • sour patch,
  • Lollies,
  • chocolate,
Umami (savoury)
  • mushroom
  • pies.

  1. Record the words you didn’t know before. Add a picture or sentence to describe what they mean.

Papillae (p.26)
"     as food touches the tongue it comes into contact with the sensory papillae
Receptor (p.26 )
receptor recognises sweet,sour,salty,bitter,umami (savory)
texture (p.25)
the texture means what favorite` you like
recognise (p.28)
recognise means that it recognises tastes and information.

  1. On Page 29, there is the great jelly bean challenge. Mrs Parker will provide you with some Jelly Beans (or other items) to complete this task. SHARE
    Use the template for a science report below to write what you did, and what you found.

Question: Do our taste buds require smell? yes because if the food touches your throat but you did not swallow it you can taste.

when you block your nose and you put something inside your mouth, you can’t taste anything. when your unblock your nose and you put something in your mouth,you can taste the food.

  • Blindfold
  • jellybeans
  • pen and paper
  • a partner
  1. Blindfold yourself
  2. Block your nose
  3. put jelly bean in your mouth.
  4. tell what it taste like
  5. unblock your nose
  6. uncover your self
  7. Record the answer.

I closed my eyes and blocked my nose, I put the jelly bean in my mouth and the first flavour I tasted  was pineapple flavour.Then when I unblocked my nose I tasted feijoa and got it right.

Conclusion: My Hypothesis was wrong.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Sleeping Explanation

Sleeping is when you relax your brain and body.
Having eight hours of sleep is very important.
What’s important about sleeping is when you rest your brain and your organs.

The brain is important. Why? Because when your brain goes to sleep every thing in your body shuts down including your brain.Which is very important so that the next day your brain is very healthy and ready to learn.

Because your brain is sleeping, your brain is also thinking. When your brain and organs are resting your body is also resting. When you don't get enough sleep, it takes a toll on your mood, energy and ability to handle stress.

It is a condition of the body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.

While we are sleeping,our mind is resting and our body is repairing itself instantly.
It is also growing and when your brain is growing your brain knows more knowledge. When you eat healthy nutritional food and drink plenty of pure water with exercise  is a good way of looking after your body.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Hens Reading

Happy Hens by Pat Quinn
School Journal Part 1, Number 3, 1997

WALT: Make evaluations and build vocabulary
SC: Make evaluations about free range foods
Use smart strategies to understand unknown words

HOME ACTIVITY: Tonight ask Mum/dad/caregiver what they think/know about free range meat and eggs.
This will help you answer the Q's

  1. Why are the hens on Zachary’s farm called Free range hens?Free Range means that the hens can rome around and have their own free space.

  1. “Free range hens have a good life” SHARE
List your reasons for why you do or do not agree with this statement
I agree with this statement because ...
I disagree with this statement because ...
  • I agree Hens do have a good life because they have no one to boss around.
  • I Disagree

  1. Record the words you didn’t know before. Add a picture or sentence to describe what they mean.

Cooped (p.16)
Cooped means that when you are surrounded  by people
yolks (p.16)
The yellow thing inside the egg is the yorlk
perch (p.12)
Perch is like a bench where eggs lay their eggs

  1. Which do you prefer? Free -range or caged eggs? Why? Explain your answer. I would Prefer caged eggs because they are cipher.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Anthony_Brussel Sprouts

The truth about Brussel Sprouts? by Room 10, Raglan Area School
School Journal Part 1, Number 3, 1997

WALT: Comprehend facts, make connections
SC: Apply our fractions knowledge to the facts in the book. Find out our own statistics for Room 10

  1. From the facts on page 9, work out what fraction of the class
    1. have ever eaten brussel sprouts 20/30
    2. what fraction of the class like brussel sprouts 5/30
    3. what fraction eat them regularly 3/30
    4. what fraction grow their own. 2/30

  1. Look at the pie graph on page 11. From the fractions you have listed above, discuss with a classmate if the graph is correct.

  1. Do a quick survey of Room 10 students on a different vegetable

Enter tally marks eg.  IIII
People who have eaten brussel sprouts
People who like brussel sprouts
People who eat brussel sprouts  regularly

  1. How do we compare to the students from Room 10 at Raglan School?

Room 10 at Glenbrae School is the same with Room 10 at Raglan School.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How I spend My Holiday

The Holiday is when school students haves a break from school and they can go out with their family members and have fun. The Reason why we have holidays, is to let the school students have a break from learning. Learning is cool but,students need to have a break from learning because their brains are growing when they learn and does not stop till the age of 25, but not only  the brain is growing. It is also tired when its filled with knowledge.

If we don’t have holidays and learning learning learning always happen, our brain won't think right. That’s why we have holidays, some people might not like the holidays, but if we don't have holidays some students might become bored. That’s why we have holidays, We have Holidays to relax our brain from learning. In days of Holidays Family members are having a break from work and learning.  

During the holiday I spend my time training for rugby, I have a great coach. His name Is Hammi, We are training to represent the Tongans by playing against other Countries. Every Tuesday and Thursday after training My dad tells me to hurry up and get in the car instead of taking to my friends.My dad started the car and I hopped in side and got in the front seat.

I also spend my time with my cosen in the holidays that came from tonga to be a missionary.I had fun with my cosen, he was so funny.

I had alot of fun in the holidays with my family members, I can’t wait for the next holidays.